Nenden S. Arum is a researcher and advocator who focuses on digital rights and internet freedom. With a degree in computer science and a background in journalism, Nenden is passionate about exploring the intersection between technology and social issues.

Currently, Nenden works as the Program Director for the Indonesian Data Journalism Network (IDJN), where she co-leads the organization of the data journalist community and designs programs that enhance journalists’ capacity for data-driven skills.

In addition to her work with IDJN, Nenden is also a passionate advocator for freedom of expression. She works with the Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet) to promote digital rights in the region and support victims of online gender-based violence.

Nenden is also an active member of the Indonesian Journalist Safety Committee, which aims to end violence and repression against journalists. She has contributed to reporting digital attack cases against journalists to the quick response team. She has also compiled and analyzed yearly reports on journalist safety incidents in Indonesia.

Her work with IDJN and SAFEnet and her involvement with the Indonesian Journalist Safety Committee demonstrate her commitment to promoting digital rights and advocating for online safety.

Besides that, Nenden has over a decade of experience in content writing and social media analysis. She has previously worked as a journalist covering business and economic issues and as an analyst at a Jakarta-based data and media company.