About me

I have an interest in two things, those are information technology and journalism, and I have a dream to make those sectors that I love can bring the society to a better future.

I was a professional journalist for four years in an economic and business newspaper in Jakarta, and now I continue my MSc degree in Advanced Computer Science at University of Birmingham, UK.

Recently I strive to learn about neural computation, machine learning, data analysis, data visualisation and its implementation in journalism. It will be great if I can use all of my competency in something that I love most.

I experienced in manage a lot of organisation and community and also pleased to meet new people to discuss everything and make new friends. Oh ya, I also glad to connect people, make my friends as a friend for my other friends.

How I describe myself in 5 words:
Solitary, Independent, Easy-going, Tolerance, Logic

my academia link: https://bham.academia.edu/nendensan

accessing my resume: IT/Computer Science | Journalistic/Public Relation

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